Propeller Flies

Suffice to say, it isn’t the most wonderful of things to be woken up by five helicopters hovering a few blocks away above Market Street covering a protest of hundreds of people (that ain’t many people for a protest.)
This obssession with on-demand 24 hour news has just gotten ridiculous these days. The helicopter is just one example of this, but it has to be one of the more annoying, since I can’t turn them off like I can a television. Of course, helicopters covering news can be important, but they can also be a complete nuisance to tell the truth. But, there’s the problem; they’ve got these damned thigns for when they really really need them, but them they have them for when they don’t, so they go out and try to find news, which usually means buzzing around my apartment for hours on end until something happens.
When I turned on the TV to see what all was going on, it turns out there is a protest against biotech. Fine. Sure. Whatever, that’s good. There are protests here everday, but do it goes. What amazes me is the fact that the choppers decided that this was newsworthy, since all the footage they showed looked like any other day donw on Market with smalls groups of grubby looking people looking about slowly and without real cause. I mean, it was just pathetic. You could have covered rush hour on Montgomery or Battery street and seen more action than this.
Anyways, just to add insult to cacaphony, they had the damn things flying overhead this evening as well. For some reason, the inactivity of the morning just wasn’t enough and they had to get more footage of nothingness and people who apparently don’t work standing around Civic Center, protesting biotechnology; a science, that if it saved their life one day, they’d have no problem with it, but now, it’s just baaaad.
So, I guess I some up all of this into two statements:
–Morons with drums
–Morons with wings