As news of this whole Schiavo fiasco has been circulating around recently, I’ve found it interesting how people fight for life in their own way. For instance, there are the woman’s parents who won’t let go of her and then there are the lawmakers who are doing everything they can to make sure that th plug doesn’t get pulled on her. What’s amazing to me is that all these lawmakin’ people are putting out all this effort to save a woman who is for all intensive purposes, brain dead when these same people have killed more than an estimated 100,000 people in Iraq as well at the 1,500 US troops who have died there.
And this is my big beef right now. There are countless people who disagreed with Bush on just about everything he stood for with the exception that he was “pro-life” and so they voted for him. I find it amazing someone would do this since Bush is really not pro-life. How can you be when you’re pro death penalty and pro-war?
Don’t get me wrong on this. While I don’t completely agree with the pro-life crowd, since they’re rooted in organized religion groups and are really a very vocal minority that’s trying to grab hold of things they don’t understand, I also feel that they’re entitled to their viewpoints, just as I’m entitled to mine. But, here’s the issue I have, because they will be against abortion or euthanasia, but then in the same breath they’re all for killing a person in prison or killing people in another country. This is foul. It’s unjust and beyond hypocritical.
If you stand for something then actually stand for it damn it. You can’t run this middle ground of morality and think that you’re doing good in the world. Pro-life people need to wake up, see the end result of what they have created, grab hold of the process and get the train back on track. There is simply no way to take people seriously who are unable to have a solid backbone in what they believe.