Pro-Choice Has Better Rhythm

There are few things more interesting than walking by a Planned Parenthood clinic on a Saturday in San Francisco. Why would walking up Eddy Street at Van Ness be so interesting? Well, Saturday is the day of protests at PP apparently. I don’t know if yesterday was some kind of significant day other than it being a Saturday, but there they were… the protestors. Ah but wait, before think it’s the short-sighted dunderheads with their “Baby Killers” placards all over the place, you need to pause for a moment and think as that would only be half right. Because in addition to these usual zealots were all the pro-choice folks as well. Only in San Francisco would you see this scene and see a situation where the Pro-Choice seriously outnumber the Pro-Life.
I can’t really tell if the Pro-Life people were doing any chants or songs, because they certainly were taking themselves too seriously as well the fact that they all seemed to A) white and B) older. The sense of rhythm that I got from their overall mood was one of oppression not any kind of melodic charm. They formed this rather threatening group that seem to make anyone feel shame who came within 20 feet of their somber group. An age-old tactic of dogmatic Christianity as seen in the architecture of the churches, editing of the Bible, and just about anything else.
The Pro-Choice people on the other hand were doing a lot of singing and covering such standard classics as, “Abortion is Healthcare and Healthcare is a Right” as well as my personal favorite, “Hey Bigots, It’s Time to Go.” I would have to say that even though the racially mixed Pro-Choice group has some rhythmless ethnicities in it (such as white folk) they were definitely able to carry a tune and “get their message on” far better than the Pro-Life group.
Okay, maybe I’m just a bit slanted towards Pro-Choice as I see the Lifers with signs that say, “Abortion Kills Chidren”. It’s fine if that’s your opinion (because there is after all a good deal of medical knowledge that shows a fetus in the first and second trimester of development wouldn’t have a chance of surviving with the mother, thus making it not a life other than a parasitic one) but stick to your damned opinions. Of these people who hold up signs like this, I would bet damn good, large amounts of money that they all voted for Bush because he is very Pro-Life. This ironic is something just isn’t funny anymore because Bush kills children. He does it in Iraq on a daily basis. He also kills elsewhere, like in Afghanistan, as well as right here in the US of A with his pro-death penalty stance. If you’re Pro-Life, then be Pro-Life. You can’t pick and choose what is and isn’t life. These people really need to change their name to Anti-Abortion and be done with it, but naturally, anything with Anti in the title just isn’t as catchy as having “life” there makes them feel like they’re doing something good, as well as the fact many of them are pro-war and death penalty. Twisted.
I suppose we’ll all need to deal with these people more as undoubtedly with the new appointments Bush is going to be making this year to the Supreme Court, he will be trying to get some hardcore right wing judges in there, which is a premise I base on any appointment Bush has done in the past (Ashcroft?!! He lost to a dead man!) I just hope it will be the final push to everyone out there who sits around not doing anything about the state of our rights in the US to get up and take action against a very vocal minority that acts like it’s the way that the whole USA feels, which that is far from the truth.