Now that’s a multi-lingual ATM!

Two friends, Shara Karasic and Katrina are now in Swaziland for BarCamp Swaziland which is happening on the 27th. Along the way, Shara managed to take a shot of the entertainment system during one leg of the flight (I’m assuming the Johannesburg Mbabane leg of it) and an ATM at the Joburg airport which I’ve included below.
While most inflight systems ATMs have a decent combination of English along with a couple of others like French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, etc. this flight ATM had six languages that are all spoken in South Africa! Obviously English is there as well as Afrikaans, but take a look at the Sepedi, Xhosa (IsiXhosa), Zulu (IsiZulu), and Venda (Tshivenḓa). All I can say is wow. In the US you’re lucky to even get two languages, despite the fact we actually have no official language.
Had to make a few corrections based on the the fact that is um… an ATM and not an inflight airline system.
Now that's a multi-lingual ATM!