Pretty Lame

Apple had this big announcement today which like usual, everyone gets stoked over, but really they’ve not done all that much which is impressive lately. Their big one in January for MacWorld was a real dud. “Hey, here are the Intel machines! They’re great!” Um yeah, we saw it coming since you announced it last year and whoop dee doo, you’re bringing them out.
Today’s announcement was really lame. A redux on the Mini, which is a pretty good rehash, but not worth an announcement. A new boombox for the iPod, which people already hate, and a leather case?!! No, really, a leather case?!! What’s next, the iPod hairbrush?!! Fly that one to the moon.
It seems others weren’t too pleased either, because as of the time of this writing, Apple’s stock dropped 3.5%! Damn! Way to go Steve. I knew you’d really start to schmuck out someday. Maybe the April 1 announcement will be huge, but it’s going to have to be something along the lines of Apple starting its own airline, giving away tickets to Paris which include a rub down in the plane hot tub by the Hungarian Bikini Team. That would be the level of the announcement to turn things around, since that Bikini Team? Yeah, they don’t even exist, which isn’t surprising since Hungary has no coastline.