Presenting the Flamenco_Singer

At some point in 2006, I reached a saturation point with dating, specifically of the online variant. Naturally, this meant that I had to channel my frustrations of dating in to the form of a film. Of course, given the amount of loser Podunk, Ohioans with hot Asian girls, no one would believe that a straight, [reasonably] well-adjusted white guy in San Francisco would have any trouble dating, so I made the protagonist a woman.

For her date, I created this bizarre character that I really don’t know how quite to describe. I had a work colleague who was really in to flamenco dancing. She invited me out to some performance that her school was having which was fine. What wasn’t fine, or more to the point, was just weird, was this singer who, when he wasn’t belting out something in Spanish to drown out the rather pleasant guitarist was shooting off, “Olé” in to the mic. It became something of a one word vocabulary which was then lent to the dude that the girl in the film meets.

And that’s really it, shot with a full crew, on tape, on a very nice Panasonic camera just before everyone switched over to tape-less shoots. The main glory that this film received was a childhood friend telling me, “Dude, this doesn’t suck!”, a bunch of German work colleagues of said friend’s brother running around spouting “Olé!” for a week, and having it play in a very small film festival in San Francisco that took place at a brewery.

Either due to drinking for free at the brewery or some other misguided thought that film actually has any worth these days, I kept the original close, not letting it out of my site, thinking I’d be able to sell it somewhere. In all truth though, at some point, I wanted to edit it down a bit as one of the actor’s performance wasn’t as great as I’d hoped on the day of the shoot. But this excess of free editing time never came. So, here I am posting it out for the Interwebs to enjoy; this film that I made over half a decade ago.