Predictable, yet not foreseen

So, the election turned out how I figured with the exception of the fact that Green Party member, Matt Gonzales is going to be in the runoff with Newsome. He might stand a chance as there is a lot of anti-Newsome sentiment in SF. What’s funny though (or perhaps more ironic than anything else) is that the platforms Newsome runs on were also presented in the form of Propositions which got passed.
San Franciscans are a funny lot in that they don’t really want to pay for the homeless, don’t want to see them, and don’t really want to deal with them as seen from the passage of several anti-begging and vagrancy laws, but at the same time, they don’t want a mayor who advocates these things. This is probably one of the reasons there is such an entangled government in this town.
On another note, it was sadly amsuing to see Angela Alioto lose another race. She has become something of the Susan Lucci of San Francisco Mayoral races. Maybe she’ll stop after this go round, maybe not.
We’ll see how everything goes, but ultiamtely, even if a Facist Republican Neo-Nazi was somehow elected to office, I doubt he’d be able to do much as this town is very liberal and fights just about anything that tries to happen here.