Preaching to the bean lovers

At some point in 2005, I was working on in Walnut Creek, which I refer to as the Far East Bay as it’s so incredibly removed from San Francisco, I have trouble even considering it to be part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Anyways, the job was miserable and pointless, but I was one of four people in a carpool, who, prior to us all getting real jobs back in civilization (meaning within a half hour commute of San Francisco) we would spend about half the ride venting about the job before we got on to other things. It was somewhere around this point that I had started my whole tea review project and so I was constantly beating the tea propaganda drum. My fellow carpoolers (most of the time) silently tolerated my rhetoric, all-the-while knowing that a fresh cup of coffee was waiting them the next day. My convert count was pretty much a big fat zero and quite honestly, I’m amazed I wasn’t “voted out” of the carpool as I did go on and on about it.

And really, to this day, I’ve basically won over no one to the side of tea who wasn’t there already. Coffee drinkers are addicted to the stuff and while I can enjoy coffee to some extent, I thoroughly don’t like what happens when I have more than a cup of it. I feel wired and unpleasant, although this seems to be what most folks seek out in it. Having grown up in a massive methamphetamine production area (Butte County) and now living in the Tenderloin neighborhood, I know very well what addicts are like. While they’re white (or in the case of hipsters, plaid) collar folks who drink all this coffee, they’re still addicted. I’ve gone without tea for weeks while traveling and been fine. The same cannot be said of my coffee drinking friends as their withdrawal from the bean is an ugly thing to witness not to mention mornings before they’ve “had their coffee”.

That’s one of the reasons I found this lifehacker article a decent read. I doubt that it will convert anyone from coffee over to tea unless their doctor tells them to cut back on the bean. But, at the same time, as least someone is making the effort. I’ve given up quite a long time ago not so much because I think that the cause is hopeless but more because, as a tea drinker, I’m kinda just expected to shut up and stay “in the closet” about it.

Coffee drinkers are much like people with extremely polemic politics who just assume than when they’re spouting their views, that you’re automatically on their side. That’s not a good course of action to take and is why, if it comes up, I’ll point out the benefits of tea and then just generally shut up about it. Although, I did manage to get David of Hooker’s Sweet Treats to stock a couple of bags of nice Mighty Leaf to have as an option, so I see some solace in that if I’m not up for pounding a caffè latte.