Praving Up Your Clothesline

I’m not really sure what is going on here, but the pension owner called me out from eating one day to ask for “help” in tying this piece of wood on to the piece of metal holding up the clothesline. I’m not really sure what this was improving or fixing, but he felt it really shored-up something saying, “Yes, yes, this is much better now.”
While certainly not bailing wire, random pieces of wood are also vital elements to a good Slavic Praver. Let me emphasize that the wood takes on any form possible and that the wood selection is not based on the needs of the prav, but the prav is worked around the size of the wood. This may or may not require additional bailing wire, so have some handy just in case.

Praving Up Your Clothesline

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  1. This binding of two different materials MAY be inspired by the engrafting of trees. Back in the day, the farmers mixed two fruit plants to grow a new one. The verb is “kalemiti”.

    1. I think it’s also inspired by Communism. The amount of half-assery I’ve seen in construction here is mind-blowing.

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