Praving Through Bailing Wire

Bailing wire. It is the panacea of any farmer as well as any good Croat. I know this because I grew up on a small farm in the US and my father was Croatian. There was no end to what could be repaired using this stiff wire. Mending a fence was merely a jumping off point to bigger and better things to stitch back together. I think 30% of any carburetor in our family cars was comprised of bailing wire. The safety catch on the power saw, which stopped functioning, was held out of the way with a good length of bailing wire. And then, at some point, the chimney pipe started to wobble and leak smoke. My god, but bailing wire was a wonderful way to yank that damned pipe back in to order.

People will often ask me why I come back to Croatia again and again. Firstly, it’s a beautiful country, but secondly, I feel very at home here as shown in the example below, taken in the old city of Dubrovnik, where a chimney pipe has been tacked together with the almighty bailing wire. Long live Slavic praving.