Praving Rears its Mottled Head in San Francisco

Sometime back, I talked about the paramount importance of bailing wire to your modern pravs. The same holds true with it now as it did then. It’s a crucial element without which nothing can be slapped together. I mean really, why on earth would you weld or solder something, when bailing wire is so incredible simple, yet so fantastically powerful?

While there are many other elements that are key to your general praving arsenal (hammers immediately come to mind), there is the often overlooked tarpaulin or ‘tarp’. It’s a workhorse within the praving world community. It’s at once roofing, flooring, insulation, a sail, and every so often, actually just a tarp which you toss over some goods to keep them dry. In thinking about the tarp, I again turn to fond memories of my proud, praving father. On our small farm, we had many an item tarped. There would be small mounds around the property with something or other important being kept under a tarp. In theory, there should have been sheds and garages for these items, but why go to all that trouble when a tarp that costs $2 can cover in a matter of five minutes. Naturally, the big downside to the tarp is that they really do a crap job, they start to smell, leak and also deteriorate insanely fast through prolonged exposure to the sun. All of this was simply solved by adding another tarp. To this day, I am still digging up old shed foundations blue tarps from the ground whenever I try to organize things for my mom.

So, naturally, I could relate when I saw what you see below (direct link) which is a restaurant in Lower Pacific Heights that obviously got a leaky roof to which they decided to fix with… yup, a tarp. Let me add that this is not new. A Google Street Map from who knows when documented this prav-tarped roof long before I saw it last Saturday. Of course, it doesn’t help in the least that it’s a place called Pride of the Mediterranean, which is only fitting for the repair job that they did and goes a long way to explain how in the hell this place has a miserable 2.5 star rating on Yelp. I didn’t even know there was anything rated that low on the heavily skewed and practically useless Yelp, but I guess they didn’t want to pay Yelp’s blood money to get the reviews removed. Still, they undoubtedly get business from moronic friends from my hometown who go for the kitsch factor of grubby hookahs to smoke, but I digress.

I suppose the only really problem with the tarp and praving is that in developing nations where conflict has recently occurred, the tarp is actually a truly useful item. You’ll often see people living under them as they’re quick and cheap shelter that aid agencies can provide. So, there is no way I can completely scorn and ridicule the tarp as it has reached some form of hallowed ground for those in bad situations. However in the case of Pride of the Mediterranean and my father’s “inventions”, I have to curse the damned tarp in how easy a crappy fix it provides far and wide.

Praving Rears its Mottled Head in San Francisco

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  1. actually, I think the tarp is an improvement over the pigeon-shit encrusted rug/roof thing they normally have.

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