Potential Tax Solutions

I read a good number of sites that publish a lot of technology and science related articles. Publish is the wrong word I suppose as all they really do is have a summary and then link to the main article. Slashdot and Digg are two of my favorites and massive time wasters as they link to all manner of things that are really interesting.
Lately, there has been a great abundance of what I like to call “revolutionary” articles out, such as a transmission that will get any vehicle 50% better gas mileage and another one which is about a possible cure for HIV/AIDS. It seems great. It makes you want to rejoice that humanity will triumph and that our science, intelligence, and creativity really do still exist despite atrocities like the current Iraq War.
Unfortunately while there is probably a good deal of truth to these articles, there is also a rather strange coincidence of their timing. Much like how all that good movies are crammed in to the end of December, these type of articles seem to come out from January to the beginning of April. Well, that’s funny isn’t it? Why would they do that? Surely it’s just a coincidence. No, not really. You see, in January, people start doing taxes and naturally by the beginning of April many people are done with taxes. A lot of these people find that they need massive write offs. Oh my, look, there’s this foundation that has a possible cure for AIDS. Let’s donate to that.
I’m not saying that this is absolute fact and a lot of these reports probably do have merit, but it’s just a really strange spate of timing is all.