Post Christmas, electric razor blues

I’ll miss ads for electric shavers now. For those who haven’t noticed, you pretty much only see ads for them around major holidays, Christmas specifically, since they’re a slightly better option to get the guy who has everything, other than a wallet.
Of course, there are claims going around that using an electric razor will put a guy at greater risk for cancer and other items like that, but those are rather unfounded. My main problem with them is that they just don’t work. Being from a couple Mediterranean cultures, I’ve got one helluva manly beard and those things take forever.
So, I’m more of a bladed razor kind of guy and it’s pretty funny all the gimmicks they come up with for even those. The biggest one being the three and four bladed razors. The three bladed razor is all right, but honestly, it doesn’t do that much better a job and a double bladed. I think it comes down to your shaving style in the end. What’s funny is that as they keep adding blades, they get somewhat harder to use though and I find that I keep knicking my upper lip with the three blade. I fear what the result of an eight bladed razor will be for me, although I’m not that attached to my chin anyways…