Pointing to Other Views

It’s a fact that the vast majority of the information on the internet is written in English. Even a site that pulls together all this information like Global Voices still uses English as its main language. This is a shame. It’s not a shame because it’s using a single language, but that English has become so dominant on the web. It was somewhat inevitable as the vast majority of the components that drive it are in English. I mean, if you look at the code driving any page, you’ll see all these English words in there. So, it’s a given that to be able to set up sites, you’ll need to be able to understand some degree of English.
I think it’s this last point that really was excluding a great many people for a good long time. But now that there are so many packages you can use where you don’t need to be a native English speaker to have a blog. Tossing up an installation of WordPress or using a pre-fab system like Blogger or even Livejournal is possible by a great many more these days.
Unfortunately we still come back to the point that English has become so dominant in the world and if you’re a native English speaker, you’re bound to not know very many if any other languages. So, what do you do if you want to be informed about the rest of the world? Simple. You revert to the method of our ancestors and use pictures. Yes, it’s primitive, but still quite effective. It’s on this point that I’d like to point out a few blogs that are either wholly or partially photo-based and something that most native English speakers can follow. If not, fire up a little BabelFish and get a funky translation that might see you though.
Фотографоманство (‘fotografomanstvo’ in the Latin alphabet, which I think just means, ‘photomanie’) is a very compelling photographic journey by a girl living in Minsk, Belarus. The media is extremely controlled and the people there live under what amounts to an autocracy, so being able to see someone’s daily life from the area is really interesting. The girl also has a very good eye and she was the winner of the Best of the Blogs.
A Best of Blogs winner for French, Cédric Kalonji is the life of Cédric in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Again, this is a nation without a free media, so his view from inside the country is quite interesting. Unfortunately for English speakers, we need to either dust off our crappy French skills or hit the Fish as most of it is in French.
Lastly, a friend named Timothée Rolin documents his life in Paris, France. Tim’s site is almost completely photos and quite thorough about his life, so anyone can appreciate it and the partying that he seems to do non-stop when he isn’t eating at La Fée Verte. If you’re any kind of fan of The Real World or other crap reality TV shows, you’ll probably get hooked.
Of course, there are a great many more blogs out there that people can follow. These are just some that I got turned on to which you may or may not know about and will hopefully enjoy.
Pointing to Other Views