Plumbing and Electrical – Hrvat Implementation

I always thought that my father’s wiring of light switches upside down and getting the hot and cold backwards on sinks and showers was just his “thing.” Loathe am I to find that this is common practice throughout Croatia. Sinks quite often have the cold where the hot should be and hot where the cold should be and no, this is not some misinterpretation of their system. When you turn on the faucet marked cold, you get the hot.
Light switches, I think are a conceptual creation there, as they really seem to like them, a lot of them! I would see large banks of switches, sometimes six or more and it would see that only two of them actually did anything. Of course, the fact that some you flipped up to turn them on and some you flipped down didn’t help.
I guess that it’s nice to know that screwy home repair is something universal.