Phoenix and Mirrors

Okay, so I am still in Vienna as I am writing this, but of course I am at the end of a three week trip which means a return back to reality in due course as the tires of my mighty four-engined bird touches tarmack in SFO. Keeping this in mind and the fact that the rent is due in a week and a half, I have started getting back in to the news and everything, spotting this Web 2.0 resurgence article in The Chron.
It made me remember the “good times” again. Actually, I think they were better for others like my friends who always knew of the latest and greatest party happening where the drinks were free and the VC money flowin’. For me, that time was sorta crappy. I did not like the crowds who were these vapid asswads that were looking for a get rich quick scheme and yet so arrogant in the thought they were changing the world. If you accused them of a money grab, they got so incredibly pissed. Of course, infer that they take a cut in their salary and return their Porsche Boxster, they would get incredibly pissed as well. It is not surprising that people got so depressed after the crash since their lives meant nothing. Fortunately many of them did us all a favor and left town.
This time around, as the article says, it really is different. I think that it is another bubble and is going to deflate (not pop) a bit with housing sales decreasing. But, while there is still the same latency to realize some source of driving income for the projects, there is certainly more sense about it. But it is funny, since I actually loosely know a couple of people mentioned in that article.
San Francisco has gotten a lot smaller. Maybe a little more sensible. There is of course still money there and while that is the case, my rent is still gonna cost a fortune.