Peter Krause

One of my big pleasures lately (besides pondering ear wax) has been to do a blitzkrieg on Six Feet Under, essentially watching the first three seasons over the last two months. I’m starting in on the fourth season now. So far, it has proven to be just as intense at Season Three, which has been my favorite season so far. I have to admit I liked it at first, but wasn’t amazed after the first season. It’s been Two and after that have gotten me hooked.
One of the biggest reasons for my addiction has been Peter Krause. It’s because, ya know, he’s so dreamy. Like yeah, right. But really, I’ve been thoroughly blown away by his acting as the part of Nathan Fischer. He was good when the show started, but he’s taken off lately. The ending of the opening episode for Season Four was just an amazing bit of work by him. He truly made you believe what he was doing.
It’s not just him though, as I’m in love with Rachel Griffiths. Her work playing Brenda is fantastic. Her timing and acting chops are great. In particular, there is one scene where her and Peter Krause have a large fight towards the end of Season Three (this is not a spoiler if you watch the show at all.) The scene was so livid and alive, I’ve seen few bits in film that match with it, let alone television. It was like watching a play it seemed so real. The two of them are flat out great as a couple.
I’ve read that Peter was originally going to play the part of younger brother, David and I’m glad that he didn’t. Not because I think Michael C. Hall is doing a better job (he does do a great job) but because good looking guy roles, like Nathan Fischer, are usually played by guys who don’t have much in the way of acting chops. Nathan seems like a dumb ass airhead at first, but you realize that the person playing him needs to be capable of real depth and emotion, which he makes seem so easy.