Coco was one of the more interesting folks to come to Maker Faire Africa which is saying a lot given the crowd. She’s originally from Liberia and has bounced back and forth between there and the US, specifically, Houston, which she found to be the most compatible with her home of Liberia. Most everyone knows that Liberia has had a rough go of it for the last few years and is currently rebuilding under Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. When asked as to why she went back to Liberia she simply replied, “There’s no place like home.”
Once word got out about Coco, Twitter buzzed up around her because one of the main things that she does (she actually has a number of creative endeavors) is to make African Barbie dolls. For anyone familiar with these dolls, you know that they are mostly white in both skin tone and dress. Coco picks up cheap dolls, and paints them to have darker skin tones as well as dress them in proper African womens’ dresses. @kenyanpundit asked as to why the dolls had blue eyes. After the fair, I asked Coco this and she said that she didn’t have time with this batch to repaint them as she doe normally repaint the eyes. So, there you go.
Cool stuff overall and if you ever get the chance to meet Coco, chat her up, she’s very cool. And Scarlett Lion has a much longer article about her if you wanted to read more about this fabulous woman.
Makers: Coco