Party in Slovenska Bistrica

It is a pretty rural town, but it is a nice town. Amazingly, there is a very large castle in the center of town. They seem to plop these things down all over the place. It is no wonder that my cousins did not think it was such a big deal to visit Trakošćan last year.
So, if you do not have distant family to stay with in town, what do you do here? Well, there is the aforementioned castle. There is a little bit of a downtown area. But probably going out at night to a couple of places is going to be the most fun, although you really do not run in to any foreigners, just local Slovenians. This is not a bad thing as they are good people and the girls I find to be pretty damned good looking. Must be the bit of Slav in me that finds the attraction, or maybe any normal guy will think this. But, to completely rock out, get you hands on some Zlatarog (no Ožuško here as that is a Croatian beer) and head down to Gams. Also, if you can find it, people seem to party up at Fur Či.
Ask me where either of these places are and I would have no clue. My cousins were driving me around and despite the small size of the area, there are a lot of roads going everywhere. Also, I was pretty drunk at that point in the night and we could have headed up to Austria and I would not have known the difference. Good times though. Just wish I spoke more of the language.