Palo Alto decides that the shitfit is on

Ah, being the sore, lesser town. Palo Alto does it well. Due to their having Stanford University, they are convinced of a greater township than what their 61,000 population would allude to. Obviously, this town is no San Francisco and it’s not even a San Jose, which is why the planned California High Speed Rail will not be having a primary, if any stop there.

Naturally, this has irked the town to no end as obviously they believe that they do deserve to have a main stop there. Actually, they don’t and making a train that will be traveling at 350kph stop between San Jose and San Francisco (a distance of 80km) is ridiculous. They might very well get their pointless little station, but not without a lot of controversy first.

I was slightly less than amused in seeing the sign picture below when taking the Caltrain south for Thanksgiving last week. Signs are normal though and any nut can post one. But it’s really the tree argument that’s getting to be annoying. When historic preservation is ignored for items that are actually historical and is instead hijacked for things that could literally derail or at best, greatly increase the cost of a public project, it’s frustrating.

To be honest, I probably won’t live in California long enough to see the rail system be constructed, but this is one example in the San Francisco Bay Area of how everyone “get’s their voice” and very little is actually done because of the peanut gallery chorus. Beth Spotswood put it best in that “politics in San Francisco are like Special Olympics but without any prizes”.

Palo Alto decides that the shitfit is on

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  1. I don’t any of us will see this thing be built in our lifetimes. The Shallow Altans can rest easily.

    1. Yeah, especially with the 54 mile track they just approved to be build in the middle of nowhere. I think a commentor on the SFGate article put it best: “The 800 mile system will be 54 miles of track linked by 746 miles of bus transfers.”

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