That’s it, California is going to bomb Hawaii

As most people know by now, we have yet another actor for governor of California. This, to me and many others is simply terrible, not for his being an actor but for what he stands for politically. Although most of us who aspire to liberal and socialist values have gotten used to the idea of … Continue reading "That’s it, California is going to bomb Hawaii"... >>

Voting is the chisel. Polls are the brush.

Well, went and voted in this ridiculous recall election deal today. Judging by the use of the word “ridiculous” you can probably guess how I voted for the recall. It’s interesting what’s happened to voting these days. I’m not sure if it used to be true, but we’re told that voting used to be the … Continue reading "Voting is the chisel. Polls are the brush."... >>

When did sports go bad?

I had to make a trip Oakland for some business and while I was at a gas station waiting in line to pay, a guy walks in and says, “F—— Giants.” There really wasn’t anyone he was talking in to in particular and I guess he just felt he had to express his extremely deep … Continue reading "When did sports go bad?"... >>

Ignorance & Hookers

I was running to catch a film at the AMC 1000 on Van Ness and as I was moving as fast as I could through the Tenderloin, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a rather fat, white women on one of those fat carts as I call them (motorized chair scooter that … Continue reading "Ignorance & Hookers"... >>

Internationality of San Francisco City

Last night I had a few friends over to my new place and it was an interesting group, because in addition to being my friends, they were from many parts of the world. Amazingly, for being in America, Americans were in the minority. We had Bosnian, Macedonian, Danish, Irish, and Russian people all under one … Continue reading "Internationality of San Francisco City"... >>