Bold moments in italic

In what feels like a different life at this point, during my final year in San Francisco I wrote a number of articles for an online publication called “The Bold Italic”. This was 2011 and while I’d been writing a great deal to that point, it was mostly for my website The Tender or a … Continue reading "Bold moments in italic"... >>

We’ve been here before and it was funny then

For some time I’ve found myself generally quiet on the personal writing front. A good deal of this is because the professional writing front has taken up a great deal of my time. Then of course there’s the Georgian wine book that’s just now gone off to the printer. Writing a book is a taxing, … Continue reading "We’ve been here before and it was funny then"... >>

As the Priorat crumbles

Capping off a series of very busy months where I’ve little time to do much but try and keep up with writing, Editor in Chief sent me this article (in Catalan) which basically says that population of Priorat County, where I live, has decreased 6% over the last five years. As I explain on the … Continue reading "As the Priorat crumbles"... >>

The Old Gas Station

For anyone who (rightly) doesn’t bother following my social media, I’m currently “in the field” researching a new wine book for Georgia which was made possible by being selected as this year’s winner of the Geoffrey Roberts Award. Self-pimpery aside, for the last month or so, I’ve been reminded as to why I can, at … Continue reading "The Old Gas Station"... >>

Return of the Shath: Brighton, Turkey, Georgia… and beyond!

Upon arriving about two hours late to the house I was staying at in Brighton for the ICCWS, my host showed me the bathroom and said, “It’s a little strange. You have to sit down to shower or water gets everywhere.” I nodded in acceptance of this fine, fine Airbnb turd because I knew this … Continue reading "Return of the Shath: Brighton, Turkey, Georgia… and beyond!"... >>