When doing the right thing is just stupid

My general thinking on found money is that if it’s just money, it’s free game. Thus my retirement plan is to stumble across a suitcase of money someday with no ID. Shockingly, this hasn’t happened yet and I usually just find myself in the situation such as yesterday wherein I went shopping in Reus (the... read more >

Another time in Grand Bassam

After a week or two in the interior of Côte d’Ivoire, Editor-in-Chief and I would emerge from the 40C days and 90% humidity to arriving in Abidjan and stay with friends for the weekend. Weekends for those in Abidjan meant going out to the coast of Grand Bassam, a coast blessed with having a narrow... read more >

Lidl, the cronut, and shark jumping

I feel that there is a general rule in life in that once something has emerged in New York City, it has “jumped the shark” globally. Sure, an of-the-moment food item or stage play or fashion bit or whatever it may be will pop up in San Francisco 2-3 years later and then in Spain... read more >

Tasting Teabox

Admittedly, I am a bit slow these days in getting up new tea reviews. I generally have a backlog of them as well as wine samples to work through, so firstly, apologies to Teabox who sent me several of their teas a few months back. I immediately loved the packaging and overall concept (as you... read more >

Out of the farmhouse and in to the village

Since last fall, I’ve called the village of Porrera in Priorat, Catalonia, home. This came after living in a Catalan farmhouse or masia for nearly two years. One would think that moving to a village in a region that has maybe 1/4 the population it had 100 years ago would be an easy thing to... read more >