Ara és ara. Now is now.

“Aprofiteu perquè tot el que feu ara cagar, follar, morir, solucionar una equació o omplir una banyera de ciment, serà en una república!” “Take note because everything you do now whether crap, screw, die, solve a mathematics equation, or fill up a cement tub, will be in a republic!” As tweeted For those who have … Continue reading "Ara és ara. Now is now."... >>

A foreigner in a voting rebellion

Sadly, the self-determination of a people is not often decided via democracy. Sure, there are exceptions but for every Norway-Sweden, Serbia-Montenegro, or Czech Republic-Slovakia break up decided by vote, there’s a Former Yugoslavia, Sudan, Israel, and I don’t know how many other independence or state-forming movements that were the result of outright war, not a … Continue reading "A foreigner in a voting rebellion"... >>

Yes, location

In Falset, there was a sweets shop at Carrer de Baix 12 called, Pastisseria López. The building it called home had two main features: a solid column, encrusted with some form of stone that matched the rest of the interior and then sitting at the main corner that is one of entrances to Plaça de … Continue reading "Yes, location"... >>

A very different trip to Israel

My previous (as well as first) journey to Israel was in 2014 being invited on a press trip by an organization there to tour the wines of Israel. Having not a single Jewish bone in my body that I’m aware of, yet growing up in the US, fully saturated on news of the never-ending Israel-Palestine … Continue reading "A very different trip to Israel"... >>

A new guide to the wines of Georgia

I didn’t make much mention about the Republic of Georgia last year short of bemusement over how people interpret directions and my ever-present international fixation on toilets. I suppose there were few words written as I spent several months in this country in the Caucasus Mountains and all my text-generating juice afterwards was going in … Continue reading "A new guide to the wines of Georgia"... >>