Over Two Years of Gmail

I was rather shocked to find that when browsing through old messages that it’s been just over two years I’ve been using Gmail. It’s been a good journey to see it migrate from this clunky, somewhat unreliable system to the pretty damned smooth setup that they have now.
Obviously it and Google Maps are the main reason for the AJAX craze and with good reason. They’re tight, efficient applications. As a recent visit to my mom’s house with her dialup connection proved, they don’t run all that fast outside of broadband, but such is life I guess.
I’m trying to think of all the things that have come about in the last two years of this system, but I suppose that beyong small feature requests, the two that were the most remarkable were the chat function and the recently released, improved phone client. Neither of these I use of course, which goes to show that even for a total web geek, just having a basic email system I can rely on, is all that I really need.