Over the Weekend

de Young ExhibitPart of the reason for the late update today was that I had a busy weekend. One of the finer things that I saw was at the de Young in Golden Gate Park. There was another cool thing I saw, but I’ll write about that tomorrow.
Currently and for the next week or so, they’ll be showing an International Arts and Crafts exhibit. Overall, the exhibit is good. It shows how this movement spread around the world and I felt really informed by all of it. Also, it was great to see all of the works that they brought in from the Victoria and Albert over in England.
I think that my only criticism of the show was that I wanted more, but I think that goes to say more about how inviting the exhibit is than anything else.
Amazingly, as you can see by my new notification in the upper right there, I do have photos of this show. I was rather surprised when I walked in to the museum that the woman at the door told me I could take photos with the flash off. I was then quickly informed by a rather direct fellow being docent for the exhibit that I couldn’t take photos of this exhibit, just the permanent collection. Of course, this guy was getting on people if they got too close to the exhibit, so I’m not sure what the case was and if he was just some militant whacko or what. Anyways, you can go in to the photos section and take a peek at what I got before The Man cracked down on me, by clicking on that photo at the top.