Out of the movies

They say that art usually immitates art, but I’ve generally found it to be the other way around, especially as we keep soaking ourselves in the gasoline-laden shrouds of mass media.
Such was the case today as I was sitting in my apartment. It was a pretty normal day. People were on the street and a helicopter kept flying overhead.
As I was at the computer in mid keystroke, I heard the massive crash from outside on the street. It was the kind of crash that you only hear from one car hitting another one. Then there was the squealing of tires and another crash.
All of that was enough to peak my interest, so I ran to the roof and caught the glimpse of something very strange. Apparently, the police were in a high-speed pursuit with some nitwit in a car who had made a bit turn at the corner of my street. Sutter is a one way street and he desicded to go the wrong way on it. In doing so, he slammed in to a parked car ont he side. He backed up and then slammed in to another.
At this point, the police had pinned his car in, but he kept backing up and slamming forward to get away from and get away he did as he drove up on to the sidewalk and then drove down the sidewalk with people jumping to get out of his way.
This last tactic was what I saw a glimpse of as I was on my roof. The police followed and possibly caught him or whatever, I’m not quite sure. I think the most surreal part of all of it was that something was actually trying to do something you see in an action movie.
Maybe he was just trying to find parking or that perfect gift. You got me, since either item will make you go insane in San Francisco at times.