OS 10.3.9 Update II

As a little head’s up to what I’ve been going through with Mac OS X.3 (Panther), here’s an update to these previous articles – here and here. To sum up, we’ve discovered that when trying to install the OS 10.3.9 update, you’ll generally be fine and able to reboot IF you’re an administrative account. We found that if rebooting and going in to a limited or non-admin account, the system will freeze right before the login window. Poopy? Oh yes. There is a work aorund for this, but it’s pretty longwinded. It will work, and I’ll probably post it in here shortly once I’m sure that it works. I’m not 100% on this, because I tried to set it up today and it doesn’t work. I might also mention that I downloaded the 10.3.9 updates again and its still having the aforementioend freeze problem.
This really chaps my hide, because Apple keeps claiming that they want some part of the corporate market (although their prices are far from friendly for it) and the way we’ve set up these machines at my office is how many people are setting up their machines because you want some accounts to have limited access to the overall system. The fact that the released an update this screwed is insane. The additional fact that they haven’t fixed the damn thing yet is even more frustrating.
Basically we’re in something of a hover mode on the whole process because to go around and spend the two hours or so it takes to finagel the update in to working is far too much time for us and there are some things we’d like to install (such as Quicktime 7) which we can’t touch until this rotten update gets sorted out. This has to be some of the worse deployment planning I’ve ever seen in a large company.