OS 10.3.9 Update

So, it appears that the problems with the Apple update are decently widespread. It seems to mainly affect people who have multiple user accounts on their systems where those other user accounts don’t have administrator access or are limited in the scope of what they can perform.
There is a good article that covers a variety of fixes for this problem. Why you need to spend all this time to correct the fallout from an update released from a manufacturer just astounds me, but as for right now, this appears to be how it is.
One thing to add in all of this is that the problem seems to exist mainly around caching issues in OS X. With that being the case, Font Reserve has an even nastier time dealing with this than the Apple OS X Core. The only way we found to fix the problems that arise from installing this update in regards to Font Reserve is to reinstall the whole program after doing a proper uninstall of it.
I’d also like to give credit where credit is due, because my Network Administrator, Alex Ackerman spent the better part of a day trying to diagnose and fix this problem. He finally did manage to fix it, but once again, this begs the question, of how can Apple release a “fix” that cripples so much of their systems? It’s simply absurd. I’m just glad we have workarounds now in case someone installs this piece of junk update by accident before Apple re-releases a corrected version of it.