Oroville Introduces Roundabouts. Keeps Grammar.

For those unfamiliar with them, roundabouts are a great, modern solution to the traffic light which are actually insanely primitive. They’re all the rage in Europe and ever so slowly, they’re being built in the US. While a bit confusing to me at first, I’ve quickly gotten used to them and I like the ever so simple functionality of them, which that Wikipedia article I link to about explains nicely.
In my hometown of Oroville, they’ve decided to rip out the traffic lights and install one at the corner of Washington and Montgomery. It makes a good deal of sense as this is one of the town’s more busy intersections and it allows for a constant, easy flow of traffic. And let me emphasize that they actually understand how to build a roundabout here as opposed to the fake roundabout at Division, Townsend, 8th, and Kansas in San Francisco where people have to stop at a stop sign before they proceed to merge in to the roundabout. Stupid, yes.
Anyways, the Oroville roundabout is coming along well. People are still getting used to it, but it appears to try and maintain the “down home and country” quality of town, they’ve put up an official sign notifying people to, “Yield to Pedestians”. It’s quality work that was thankfully pointed out to me by #1 Fan. As a pedestrian, I am a little pissed that this minority pedestian group has managed to secure safety rights at this roundabout while I’m left having to dart in and out of traffic when crossing the street. But, such is Oroville. We bleev in kualty up thir.
Oroville Introduces Roundabouts.  Keeps Grammar.