Organic SEO – From Nothing to Number One

While the New Year was busy rolling in, something else fun happened. My little pet project for Belden Place pushed the last couple of steps up on Google to become the number one result (given occasional fluctuations) when you search for ‘belden place’. Keep in mind that this site was already number one on MSN and Yahoo for some time. It is also number one for search terms like ‘belden alley’ and ‘belden place san francisco’.
This doesn’t seem like an amazing feat until you realize that there are about 800,000 other results for this search. Also, a year ago, this site didn’t even exist. So, in that time, it has surpassed and supplanted very established sites to rise up to where it is.
This was done all because of SEO methodology I’ve been testing with the site. This term gets bandied about a lot and has seemingly died off a little, but the practice of this is still very much needed. It’s so needed that many companies will pay large amounts of money to “fix” these results and artificially inflate their ranking. This is not the case with what I’ve done and while it took a year to accomplish (actually about 7 months to get in to the top three) this is a true result. I’m not paying any group to fix these results. What you see is truly what there is.
I bring this up, because it’s the first day of a new year and it seemed kind of fitting, but also because those who fix the ratings really need to stop. What they do isn’t sustainable and is a waste of money. But, on the other hand, for people you can sell on the ‘white hat’ tactics that I use, it creates a contrast of much better results.