Open-Pit Mining

It’s recently come to my attention that they’re planning on smashing up a couple of glaciers down in Pascua Lama, Chile for the benefit of extracting precious minerals such as gold and silver. This is a “lovely” process wherein they put a big giant hole in the earth and proceed to contaminate the soil, water, and everything near the spot because of the process. It’s one of the more foul ways of getting materials out of the earth, but also one of the most lucrative. A lovely example of this in the United States is the Berkeley Pit which is a “scenic” toxic lake in Butte, Montana. You can read more about the process here.
This falls under the category of one of those things we need to stop and stop now. As it turns out, down in the Pascua Lama soon-to-be mine, those glaciers are not only nice to have, but rather crucial for a good number of people to get their water supply from. You can read about it on Wikipedia here a bit more and the fact that the open encyclopedia has put a lock on edits would show that there is a good deal of dispute around the project.
It’s still up to the Chilean government whether to let it proceed or not and it’s up to a lot of world support to stop it. There was an email I received asking me to sign and forward on, but I’ve never thought of these to be an effective means of communication or action. I think that they mainly just harvest your email for future crapness. So, about the only thing I can recommend is to email the president of Chile. There is an English version as well, but I’m guessing you’ll be better received if you write en Espanol. As a side note, I didn’t even know that they voted in a new president this year and it happened to be their first women president. Man, this Internet thing is great!