OOPs I Finally Get it

It was bound to happen some day. I just don’t know why it was last Saturday night as I was tossing and turning to get to sleep that it finally hit me, in that Object Oriented Programming makes sense.
For the longest time, I knew how to do it, how create a class and an object. Using methods seemed easy enough and really all of it was simple enough to it. The only problem was that I never really saw why I should use it except on a site so large that I wasn’t bound to be touching anything like that any time soon. Even then, it seemed like an extra step and layer of obfuscation that really wouldn’t pay off all that much.
But, for some reason, before drifting off to sleep, it hit me and it just, well, made sense. The best part was that unlike other “brilliant” ideas I have before passing out, this one stayed around which makes it seem like it’s really here to stay. Of course, one can go totally bezerk and use OOP far too much a site that doesn’t need it, so it’s a lot like AJAX or Flash in that there is a time and a place and I’m very happen to have some idea of when that is. Now, if I can just get my hands on a site that needs it… oh wait, there’s the Cinefuse redesign in the works. I think some things there might just warrant it. Yeah, definitely, yeah.