Onward to the One Bedroom

The time has come to leave the studio! It’s just not really big enough for two people, although the girl and I have done well with it for the last 1.5 years. Only one break up to speak of and we’re even making it through bad illness together in it, but you just gotta get more space at some point we’re finding out.
So, we’re doing it. We’re moving in to a one bedroom. $400 a month increase in rent be damned! We can afford it! I hope… At least the move is easy, since it’s an apartment next door. We’ll have plenty of time to kvetch though as we’re not moving in until the end of February, so one more month of cheap rent will be ours.
One of the biggest threats to our wallets will be the urge to fill all the available space. This will naturally result in spending more on furniture, but hey, so be it. If I’m slaving away at a job in Walnut Creek, I should get something good out of the deal, right?