Only in San Francisco… or maybe other places too

A lot of people are talking about all the pollution that is coming about due to the age of disposable electronics. Basically, they’re saying that these products which are designed to fail or be upgraded every year or so are generating a lot of garbage and it’s garbage that’s very hazardous to the environment and will leak dangerous toxins into our water and ground if put into landfills. While I don’t have a solution to this problem, I would like to point out that it’s possibly not as dire as people say, due to the fact that the homeless are re-using old technology.
For instance, as I was walking along Market St. today, I saw a bum walking along and he was listening to an Ipod MP3 player. But, it wasn’t as if he was using the latest one, or the new flashy (yet surprisingly expensive) mini Ipods – oh no! He was using a model that was was from a couple of years ago. It was pleasant to see that depsite a hazy delirium from alcohol that was flooding his system, he didn’t find the need to upgrade to the latest and greatest item, being more than content to grab the little device from some Mission Hipster’s trash and use it for all his listening needs. I only feel sorry for the guy if the former owner happened to be a big Kid Rock or Creed fan.
Another fine example is this fellow with a cup asking for change, who was talking on a cellphone. But, it wasn’t the Sony Ericsson T616 that I use and have talked about as of late, no it was an older Nokia model that actually still had an antenna on it of all things. Haven’t seen those around for a long time. But, despite that fact, his “beeeech” as was his companion affectionately referred to on the other end was called, could apparently hear his “dog moldy, skank ass” as she called him, just fine. Crazy kids :)
Lastly, there is the fine example of the Beige Peddlers as I call them. These are the guys that walk around with a shopping cart through the financial district trying to get people to buy a 15 year old Apple. I admire their tenacity and I know for a fact if they could fine a public access power outlet somewhere they’d be the next big threat to John Ashcroft’s America either through independent capitalism or through sheer power of will.
So, as you can see, electronics aren’t making it into the landfills as fast as people think. The trodden-down underclass that people try to ignore is actually saving us from environmental doom through milking every last volt and amp from the devices we so casually discard.