Online Dating Advice Part 1

Okay, I really don’t know a damned thing when it comes to dating. Really, I don’t. Despite the complete player look and feel that I exude on this site, I ain’t got no game to roll. So, when surrounded by a circle of my peers, I gladly go in to sponge mode and absorb anything I can glean from either sex in regards to relationships in general and especially dating.
Last Wednesday was one such time where I was the pupil and others the teacher. Yeah, I was schooled, but it was for the better, although I had nearly learned the lessons already at that point, which revolved around the first date when you’re doing the online dating thing. Oh and by the way, as to how online compares to offline dating, basically with online you have a lot of quantity and general disappointment as compared to offline where you have fewer dates with general disappointed and you get to know what the other person smells like from the get-go.
So, as it sits with the first date, it apparently comes down to the one who asks out the other on the first date as being the one who is expected to pay. This generally sucks as guy because you’re 99.9% of the time the one doing the initial asking, thus the paying. I was rather taken aback at this because I was thinking that since both parties are taking a risk on this first date, both should pay. Such is not the case I guess and even if the girl offers, you are simply not to accept the money and pay for the entire date.
Some reading this are probably sitting there going, “Duh, where have you been man?” I guess raised in an egalitarian world which simply does not exist. But, I’m sorta alright with this now that I know. It appears that if the girl doesn’t pick up some or pay for the second date though, that’s something of a sign that things aren’t going in a good direction. You’ve got yourself a leech and she should be plucked as soon as possible.
It was rather shocking to find out from the girls in this impromptu discussion that guys seem to still just be seen as a bankroll for these activities, depsite the fact there were many girls in the group who make considerably more money than I do. It is also a sympathetic shock that the girls are pissed that when a guy pays for the whole night out that he expects a kiss for the evening, let alone sex. To this I reply, well, then pay for some of it and actually really pay for it, don’t rattle your wallet in empty gestures.
A lot of this really stems from the fact that I hate dating and if a girl doesn’t feel like it’s going somewhere with me, then why should I pay for failure? Just because I have testes? It was her idea as well! But there I go again with the utopia where dating doesn’t exist and we all sleep on fluffy pillows made of cotton candy, while drinking from the non-fattening milkshake fountain in the center of Dream On City. Oh look, here come the pink kitten butlers with my quarter past the hour lowball of Jack Daniels Single Barrel…