One Dollar Soap

I’ve got a real problem in that I like the soap from Lush a lot. It smells good. It makes me feel good. It will bring sunshine on a cloudy day. The one thing it doesn’t do is be kind to my wallet. This stuff has never been that cheap and at the start of this year, they jacked up the cost quite a bit. I still buy it because, well, I’m a sucker and the ladies just go wild for it.
Here’s the problem though, I don’t really wanna waste such good soap on just washing my hands. Lush is shower only. While there are a lot of soaps out there that are cheap, I found this one for $1 a bar at Whole Foods which is decently natural and unchemical. It seems to work well for simple hand washing, which you need to do a lot of in SF and I am quite pleased. It’s part of their 365 brand if you go looking for it.