On November 4th, Vote NO on Tom Ammiano

My dislike of Tom Ammiano is rabid. It has nothing to do with him personally though and most certainly has nothing to do with his being gay. The problem lies in the fact that his political actions are the absolute worst of Democratic big spending packages. He is the type of Democrat that gives Republicans fodder to point their fingers and say, “See! See! All the Democrats wanna do is take money from ya and spend it on Socialism things!”
While social spending really isn’t a bad thing, the policies that Ammiano enacts to supposedly help the public are really just big name items to help him further in his political career. For instance, the latest project he’s been spearheading is to build a $60 million suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge. W? T? F? Supposedly this helps San Francisco in some way that I don’t quite understand other than “relieving” a city strapped for cash of the burden of carrying around too much cash. This barrier is a joke. It looks to me that anyone who really wants to end it all, is just going to jump over the edge, land on the barrier and then jump off that. The only way this could work is that if some large mechanical hand reaches down and grapples them once they do the first jump, which I could only see to be more harmful than letting them jump in the first place. Let people die if they want to. Don’t waste our money on this huge political ad for yourself.
Then of course there is the illegal immigrant ID system that Tom is at the front of. This does nothing to help anyone. It allows people to be documented who don’t want to be documented. Why on earth would someone who slipped in to country illegally want any mention of their name on an ID. Even if they did do it, the ID is worthless outside the city and county of San Francisco. And really, what is the purpose of this ID in the end? Does it serve San Francisco? Is it better than investing money in a year-long municipal transit ID system like they have in most sane cities in the world? That would be worthwhile, but it doesn’t make Tom look like a defender of minority rights, since he understand what that’s like being a white, affluent gay man and all. You know, it’s so much like taking your family across the border in the middle of the night, risking vigilantes shooting you so that you can work low-paying jobs to try and make a better life for your kids.
Lastly on this short list of a much bigger list was his successful effort to make police take a “lowest priority” attitude towards arresting people growing marijuana in their homes. Now, I don’t care if people want to get stoned as long as I don’t have to work with them. It’s fine if they want to grow a plant or two for their own use. That’s their business. But when you make it so that I have no legal recourse to get the cops to bust a former downstairs neighbor of mine who was not only growing, but dealing out of my building, who does this help? Tom Ammiano, that’s who. Once again, he gets name recognition and San Francisco residents gets screwed.
I bring all of this up because he’s running for the California Assembly seat for this district. We don’t want this. We need to stop Tom now. I am going to do something that I hope to never do again, which is to vote Republican. Unfortunately, his only opposition in the race is Harmeet K. Dhillon, but I’m voting for her proudly and loudly because Ammiano is bad for San Francisco, bad for California, and bad for the Democratic party. We can do better.
On November 4th, Vote NO on Tom Ammiano