Old School Cold Remedies

So… after you’ve been sick for about three weeks, you start to turn to things that are otherwise rather unorthodox. Naturally chicken soup is a big one, but I think about the only thing that does is allow you to taste something. I’m a strong believer in Vick’s VaporRub. THis stuff is cool since it’s very cheap, not something you have to ingest, and it just makes you feel good all night long. I hear that putting it in boiling water and inhaling it is the best way to go, but I’m more of a fan of putting a dab under the nose and some on the throat before going to sleep. If a sore throat ails you, then I recommend gargling salt water or even better, to gargle Hydrogen Peroxide. Yeah, it sounds harsh, but it works quite well to kill of whatever nasties you may have living down there. As I always say, drinking a lot of tea is good. There’s just something about a hot liquid that makes you feel comfy and less craptastic. Apparently there is also some scientific proof that tea is good as well, since it boosts your anti-oxidents and that is a good thing I hear.
Beyond the very simple notion of sleep, there is this other thing on the market now called Zicam, which is supposed to help reduse the cold length and severity. It won’t work with a flu, but for all things cold it is supposed to be good. I’m testing it out right now, since I don’t have anything else to do as I sit around this Sunday and mull over my bad feelingness. I’m always a little wary of modern science and their attempt to thwart the common cold, but we’ll see if this one works.