Old School

Ah man. I’m really feeling my age these days. While I don’t mind getting older and the fact that people seem to take you a bit more seriously, being around people a lot younger than you kinda sucks. There’s so much you want to tell them, but you realize they just gotta find it out on their own. Such things as drinking beer, wine, and tequila in the same night being a bad combination are just one of those hard-learned nuggets in life.
Why is this coming up now? Well, having made it through my first week at Berkeley it was a thought that was fresh in my head. My Croatian class that I’m taking out there has kids, literally kids in it. There are 19, 18, and even 17 year olds in this thing with me. When you’re 29, you can’t brush it off and you just gotta realize that they are indeed a helluva lot younger than you and yes, it’s weird being in class with people who weren’t even born when you started Junior High.
What have I learned from being around the younger generation? Two things. Young undergraduate girls definitely look young and this is not something I admire. I’d much rather date a girl who is and looks my age. I’ve realized that guys who cruise the colleges and pick up the 19 year olds are just screwed up. The other thing that I learned was that the younger generation is indeed getting dumber. I guess I should actually say that they’re losing their common sense in our overly-nuturing society more than losing true intelligence, but it’s hard to tell. For instance, stopping in the middle of a doorway is just kinda dumb, as is trying to ride your bike in the hallways. Also dumb is for college girls to talk to any guy over the age of 25. Yet, it seems the ability to buy alcohol is such an allure… One last thing, pas nije čovjek and I really mean that.