Old Man Strength

God, I never thought this term would be anything but a joke. Now, I read this article which is darkly comic in that someone 3 1/2 times older than their assailant takes him out. And by takes him out, I mean kills him. That’ll teach any wannabe 20-year-old muggers to take on 70 year olds.
But, this is not the first story in this regard. This other article goes in to this in more detail and I can’t agree more. My generation is pretty damned weak. I look at those coming up behind us and I’m even more afraid. Those born 1975 and after as just going to be known as Generation Wuss pretty soon.
It’s to the point where I wish that I actually didn’t know how to use a hammer, since San Francisco men seem to be these habitually weak guys. This of course means that when anything real needs doing, I’m always the one that gets called. Yeah right, now I’m just guy bashing, but I can because I’m a guy that lives here and if I see one more dude scream like a five-year-old girl when he gets scared by The Bushman, I’m gonna start punching just so that these weaklings actually have something to really be scared of. I’d never do this in The Castro though, since there are guys there that can seriously beat the crap out of me.