Okay Wagamama

All right, so you’re pretty cheap, taste good and all, Wagamama but what is with your hiring policy lately? It seems as if you need to be a very small, very gay, very mulletted Asian guy to work there. I thought maybe this was a joke, perhaps some kind of odd anomaly, but as I looked around, there it all was, a pile of dark mullets bopping around the place.
The food is still good, although after three dinners there, it started to wear a tad bit thin, but that’s okay, I don’t make it to London very often and it’s tasty (don’t but the water, that’s expensive), but man, what’s with the Gay Asian Mullets?!! It’s strange, just strange I tell you. Well, not that strange as the mullet seems to be the craze lately in both New York and London, as well as seeping to the West Coast a little. Everyone in my hometown is going to be thrilled that the hairstyle they haven’t bothered to change for 20+ years is now suddenly the rage and they’d be cool if they were 20 years younger. Me? No mullet, no asian, and no gay. I’m just a white dude with a pretty boring haircut who writes here, eats at Wagamama occassionally, lives with a Ruska, and just has to wonder why.