Ohai US Immigration! Um, it’s not 1910 anymore :(

So, #1 Fan went back to the US for a spell and on her way through passport control she got taken off to the infamous, “small little room” where a very thick, sordidly unintelligent woman who bathed in ignorance grilled her on what were basically the same three points: Why do you come in and out of the US so much? Are you working outside the US? You need to renew your green card, because it’s going to expire.
Let’s work backwards and state that the green card will expire in three months and she could only actually begin to renew it on the day that she arrived in the US. And yes, no fucking shit, you need to renew it or you’re not in the US legally. But, one would think that this would fall under the, “That’s our problem” line of thinking.
Next, there is the issue of working outside the US. Amazingly, that is legal and holy crap, you do need to report your earnings when you file your taxes in the US. In fact, when it comes to the US, you have to pay double taxes (to the country where working as well as the US) as it is one of, in not the only country in the world that will double tax its citizens. So, this isn’t even an issue for immigration. This is an issue for the IRS, so why they kept insisting on asking it was beyond me, except that she liked to eat dumb sauteed in warm tard sauce.
Now we get to the fun part as to a person coming in and out of the US often. I would like to point out to immigration that people do not come in and out of the US on boats like my great grandparents did. In fact, we’re a decade in to the 21st century and commercial plane flight has been around for over half a century. Yes, half a century, with it getting markedly cheaper in the last two decades. That is why people come in and out. It is a globalized world that we live in and while those working the “door” at immigration still think that the work is apparently flat, I would urge their supervisors to look in to this whole flight thing and not grill a French businesswoman (the one to go in first to the little room ahead of #1 Fan) as to why she comes in and out of the US on business because, trust me, she has no intention of staying in the US when she is a French citizen. Or how about not grilling a South African friend of mine (yes, he’s white…) why he was out of the country for three months when he was visiting family and then comes back with his wife, who is an American citizen.
The list goes on and on. At some point, I hope that most people in the world just look at the US and say, “fuck it” because really, for a country whose entire economy is fueled by a constant influx of immigrant labor and money, there is a wickedly backwards approach to how they deal with all these people.

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  1. I’m always puzzled by the “getting in and out of the US so much” thing. I mean, isn’t that want they should WANT? That we actually come and go without intention of staying illegally? Beats me.

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