Oh, you meant this Friday?

In what is a rather complete lack of surprise, Ethiopia has continued to not pull its troops out of Somalia. This of course is a continued issue which apparently those in control claim, “Look, we upgraded to the new OS from Palm and well, it just isn’t cutting it. You see, the calendar was just like, whacked, so yeah, we missed that Friday deadline thing. Sorry about that. Hope you don’t mind the troops that are like, everywhere.” Obviously these are people that need to switch to a Blackberry or maybe just get an organizing system in the first place.
Naturally, it’s understandable why Ethiopia would want to have a toe hold in Somalia since they are receiving great swaths of refugees across their border with the country. Still, don’t other countries get it that only the US and Britain are able to dump their forces inside a foreign state indefinitely? Let’s see if they make the December deadline, although I’m sure that Christmas dinners and Boxing Day will be the blame for missing that one.