Oh Yeah, The Croatian Wine Book is Published

Oh Yeah, The Croatian Wine Book is Published

I’ve had so much going on with Maneno and the damned site move that I forgot to mention that Vinologue: Dalmatia is now published!

For those who remember last year when I took off for about four months with my soon to be wife, y’all probably thought it was just to run around the Balkans for awhile and have a good time. While there was a definite element of truth to that, the real fact was that I was there to research a book about the wines of Dalmatia and Herzegovina in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina respectively. All told, it was nearly two and a half months spent traveling up and down the Adriatic coast meeting winemakers and getting my Croatian in much better shape, as well as my alcohol tolerance.

Well, over a year later, the book is done. It ended up being 135 pages with 20 pages of color photographs. Layout took forever because I’m either a writer, web programmer, or a photographer. I consider myself to be a graphic designer somewhere after tile setter and before olive picker. But, I muddled through InDesign, forcing myself to remember everything I had learned back in my days of managing IT for a publishing company and voila, a proper book was born.

This first printing is cool. It has an ISBN number, barcode and everything, so it’s a real publication. Now being a published author (although admittedly self-published) I feel… hmm, the exact same. I guess the only thing is that now, in maybe a couple of years, if there is a lot of interest, we might do a second edition to update the wineries that are there as well as add in others that were unreachable in our last visit. Other regions in the future would be fun as well. But I gotta say that publishing a book really is a lot of headache with the writing, the layout, the printing, the marketing, etc. It’s no wonder the web is killing print.

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  1. Congratulations Michael and Elia,

    Your guide has a cute format and an informative content. I’ve certainly enjoyed following your footsteps around the Dalmatian coast and islands – first in the blog reports you published on our web site and now in print.
    I look forward to reading the next Vinologue. Will it be España or sLOVEnia, or which unexplored wine region will be next on your plate?
    Cheers, Frank

    1. Who knows. I think we need to sell a lot more of this one first to justify doing another one. Both Slovenia and Spain would be at the top of my list for another trip.

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