Oh, British Porn… Goodie

Oh, British Porn... Goodie

So, I stumble in to my hotel room outside of London proper to find the TV on and waiting for me. Okay, that’s fine. I wasn’t planning on doing much anyways. Why, there are even some choices for me. Oh. One of them is British Porn. Huh.
There are only a few things that I’ve seen in my life that I would tell someone that they need to see before they die. Watching British pornography would not be one of them. I don’t think I need to go in to details, but teeth and super pale skin should come to mind in the list of no’s as to why this is not good, albeit the “dirty talk” is ever so elicit when done with a British accent–from the ladies anyways.

I think that the best part in all of this is that they’re actually wanting to sell me on the fact that British Porn is indeed available 24 hours a day here. If I were desperate to watch porn, then I would probably take anything, including some dirtiness from the UK. But, acting as if it’s some great gift to be able to access British Porn is just depressing. In fact the thought of this is so depressing that I want to go and watch some Irish Porn and not think about the food tomorrow on my Virgin Atlantic flight.