Offshoring/Out-Sourcing/See Ya!

It is something that is pretty much in danger of affecting all of us these days and it seems that people are prepared to do little about it. There are no boycotts or strong attention paid to what’s going on. I think this is in a large degree due to the fact people are of the opinion that it just puts IT jobs in jeopardy, when in reality it is a danger to many more folks than that. But overall, I think the real problem lies in the fact that Americans have gotten so insanely lousy and terrible at doing the simplest of jobs that they are basically asking to have someone in another country, where it seems there are five good people for every one job, have their job.
It’s no revelation that people want to do less and less these days. From the fact that if we didn’t have people coming in to the USA illegally, those leading us claim that we wouldn’t have anyone for the menial jobs (shucks, Ameerikans just don’t want ’em) to jobs at the other side of the collar from customer service, support, IT, and whatever else that are getting shipped off to India, Bangledesh, and many other countries, we’re quickly going to find ourselves massively laid off as a nation. After all, how long will it take the rest of the world to realize that we’re all just middle management here and that truly, we’re very uneeded if it gets to that.
I suppose my revulsion for all of this revolves around a recent experience with West Elm (no, no link, they don’t deserve it) which is a somewhat high-end furniture maker out there along the lines of DWR (see, a link, I like them.) I tried to order a product from a store about 20 miles from me and have it shipped to my office. Not only did an order get placed for an item that they don’t carry anymore, let alone not in stock anymore. Not only did they charge my credit card twice, only refunding one of the amounts. Not only did they not call me to let me know what was going, forcing me to call them and find all of this out. But then, they sent me a receipt as if everything was fine and they still haven’t called me back, or refunded my money. Just flat out lousy service for something so insanely simple a… well, anyone in the world could do it and do it better. To quote a friend, “They are x-ed!” It’s pretty surprising as well, since they’re own by Williams Sonoma who are quite good (yes, they get a link despite their owned company being poo.)
It’s not an amazing thing to find out, but I just think that it’s rather interesting that now companies have the option of not having to deal with this here and can get what is usually better service for a much cheaper price elsewhere, depsite the fact you can’t understand what they’re saying. There’s bound to be more to come and I’m sure at some point there will come to be a boiling point on this. Either some politician will make it his platform or they’ll figure out a way to outsource plumbers, which will be an ugly pipewrench-filled day indeed.