Off to the Editor

There are many beautiful things about “film” production in the 21st century. The first one is definitely the fact that we don’t actually use film anymore. Yet we naturally still call is “filming” and use all the old terms. Old habits die hard I suppose. That and “video” is just not a nice sounding word for some reason.
Anyways, not having film means getting to edit everything on the computer. This used to be a pretty labor intensive thing to do, but these days, it’s a snap. I’m a Windows guy, so my editor and I use Premiere. Many folks use Apple’s Final Cut Pro as well and as to which is better, who knows. They all get the job done and do the job quite well these days.
I just gotta say that what is really super, incredibly awesome is that even though my editor is taking off to England while he works on my latest project, he’s still going to be able to edit it. He just sends me the project file over email and we compare notes. We can go back and forth and work on it that way the whole time. Naturally, working in person is always better, but the fact you can do this now is incredible. Of course, having it all fit on a laptop that goes on a plane, instead of the massive editing beds that used to be used for filmstock is something that is worth mentioning as well. Long. Live. Technology.