Of wine Instagrams


Instagram is fun little digital place to hang out. In fact, it’s one of the few rewarding social media systems that I still enjoy because it’s quite simply, photos. While I’d like to include a link in a comment here and there, the fact that this is disabled I have to respect as the system stays quite pure despite the desktop version sorta kinda sucking.

For anyone who looks at my Hudin Instagram, you might be a bit let down given that, much like my blog, it’s a pretty random collection of things sans the witty banter tying it all together. I did away with my photo section on this site due to the general outright thievery of it and I find Instagram to be an amusing side diversion although if you really want to see a much more detailed batch of photos check out the Vinologue wine Instagram as that gets updated a great deal more and is more interesting.

If you happen to really be in to wine and Instagram, check out the wine Instagrammers to follow that I wrote up over on VI. Those are some good times in there. Stay thirsty.