Of many things, really

gourmandThere comes a time in all blogs when you feel compelled to write about said blog because well, that’s what blogging is I suppose. This time came in September in a grand celebration of a decade of writing here. Of course, this is my site and nothing really stops me from writing about this blog again because well, that’s what you do. Again, I suppose.

I revisit this topic because while I redesigned the site a bit for this grand 10 year celebration (I can still smell the cake), I didn’t really do a full job of it. The last three months allowed me a moment to think, drink wine, think some more, and then ask, what the hell am I doing with this site short of writing the occasional article and providing a hub for all things me? The answer to that was quite simply, not much and so I’ve realized that while I still need to refine the tea section a bit more, I’ve reworked the site a great deal to come more in line with being a unified package of me. Also, there are now wine tours.

Tours of wineries are something that both myself and the Editor in Chief been doing for some time in an unofficial capacity. This has in turn led to Vinologue which I feel are books that have truly come of age of late (oh yeah, the Priorat one won an award.) Of course as something of a side note that happened was in creating guides that were extremely thorough and comprehensive for the regions so that people could make their own tours, various tour guides in the area started using them as well to make their tours. While I don’t have a problem with that, it gets to be a bit laughable when someone then calls themselves an “expert” simply after reading my book and then sends me an email such as this:

“I love the wine at [name redacted] and the people are extremly lovely to work with, but i need to lower the price of this tour. Any suggestions on interesting wineries for me?

It made me come around to the simple facts of if I enjoy wine and I enjoy telling people about wine and I can bring a great deal more to winery tours than what people currently are receiving, should I not be giving tours as well? The answer is that I should be giving tours and of course many people have been telling me as such, but I was too busy burying myself in learning about the regions to poke my head up for a minute and realize it.

So, there you are, a new hudin.com with more wine tour goodness in Priorat, Empordà Costa Brava, Montsant, and a Barcelona tasting experience. Let the insanity commence!