Odd Perception of Size

As I boarded an Amtrak bus the other day, I was confronted with the fact that A) it was new and B) it seems that the seats are closer together than the old ones. Being as tall as I am and hating plane flights for this exact reason, I was more than a little dismayed.
Are they really putting the seats closer together or am I simply getting bigger? I guess the former would tend to be true as we Americans keep getting fatter and fatter. There will soon be little need for space in front and we’ll be more in need of space to the size. Studies have shown that are feet are getting larger and it seems that it’s mainly to hold up the ever increasing girth of the being that once was a lean and mean human.
I ended up surviving my trip of course. I’ve had years to adjust to things being too close together or hanging too low. Plus, it was only an hour and a half. It’s nothing like the 10 hour flight in to Frankfurt that I have coming up soon where I’ll be this unfolding accordian once I get out off the damned plane.