It’s a good thing that they’ve developed a cervical cancer vaccine which apparently is more of a treatment for STD’s, but hey, advancement is advancement and at least they’re spending some money on women. I mean seriously, we got a cure for baldness before a cure for cervical cancer. Great to see where our priorities are.
The one thing that really chapped my thighs was that the group Focus on Family, who seem to be little more than a conservative religious front like any group with “family” in the name, are for the vaccine, but not for administering it. They believe that abstinence is the best course of action to prevent the spread of STD’s. Sure, seems logical. Of course given the setting of our 21st century society, I think that they should have an option on their site to have a complimentary box of sand shipped to you for putting your head in.
Abstinence. Christ. Those of us that practiced that in high school sure as hell didn’t do it by choice. And that’s all I gotta say about that. You get the idea. Word.